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Keeping your agency clean, uncluttered, and sanitary is not only vital for the safety and health of your employees and clients, but it also provides an impressive statement to everybody of what you anticipate, as far as the standards of the workplace are involved. As a business owner, the most difficult thing to consider is whether to have a full-time caretaker that works the whole day, or have an established Cleaning Company Enfield come in and get the job done at night. Let’s review some of the differences and benefits of each method.

When you have a janitor you could watch them

Having a janitor that works during the whole day means you could give them several tasks to complete and you’ll be able to see whether they are doing an effective job. Although, if you don’t have enough work to keep them engaged all day long, you’ll end up wasting money whilst you’re looking around for something for them to do. Furthermore, watching over yet another employee takes a certain amount of your time and effort, as well as having to train someone in a subject that may not be in your sphere.

Hiring the services of a cleaning firm has several brilliant advantages

When you have a company come in and clean for you after hours, they will be strictly focused on doing their job and getting it done fast. They’ll have a contractual obligation to do a variety of things like the bathroom, kitchen area, vacuuming of all the floors, wiping of all the desks and chairs, emptying the garbage and all other important matters. You will have the advantage of having them work 2 to 3 nights a week as you think fit, without having to worry about them working a full 40 hour week. As they are contractors, they can include other companies onto their client list in close places in order to keep working regularly.

When recruiting experienced cleaning companies you will not have to guide them

Outside contractors, from a cleaning business, should all be well trained and capable of doing an outstanding job. If one of the cleaners calls in sick, they have a duty to get another cleaner so you don’t need to worry. All dependable cleaning firms should have a valid insurance cover to protect against theft by their employees. You’ll want to make sure that right before you hire them they’re registered, bonded, covered by insurance and they carry lots of Workmen’s Compensation coverage in the event of an injury.

If you happen to have a firm of your own then you’d like to keep it fresh and in perfect shape. Occasionally, the most suitable way to go is to hire an experienced cleaning company to do the job for you. They’ll work at night when you’re closed, and be adequately trained and thorough at all they do; it’s worth looking into.

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