Terms and Conditions When Hiring Our Cleaning Services

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In these Terms of Service you will find the conditions and terms under which we provide our services. You, the client, accept that using any one of our services means that you agree with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can also be changed at any time without notice to the client.

Regarding our cleaning prices, the client is charged depending on the service and the amount of time required to complete the service. For some of our cleaning services, the client has to sign a contract.

Most of the time cleaning equipment must be provided by the client. If the equipment is difficult or complicated to operate, the client must provide clear instructions. Cleaning materials must also be provided by the client. If cleaning materials are not provided, then an extra £5.00 will be charged for said materials. If the client needs to use our equipment there will be a one time charge of £40.00 and an extra £2.00 per hour.

The client must provide cleaning specifications to the operatives in writing. If the specifications are transmitted verbally, the company will not be responsible if they are not carried out. For some of our services, equipment is included in the price so you will not have to provide it. You can always call and speak directly with our cleaning company.

Payment is due prior to the beginning of the service. It can be done through bank transfer, standing order or a debit/credit card payment. Refunds are issued only if the client has cancelled the cleaning session within 24 hours prior to its start.

If a non-contract client cancels the cleaning session with less than 24 hours notice, a £30.00 late cancellation fee is incurred. The same fee is incurred if the cleaning operatives do not gain entry to the client’s domicile. A contract client agrees to pay the full price of a cleaning session in case of a late cancellation or in the case that cleaning operatives cannot gain entrance to the domicile.

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